Every year from Mid-October to Memorial Day, Lincoln City places the number of glass blown floats equal to the current year on the beach. (In the year 2014, 2,014 floats were placed on the beach) If you find one you get to keep it.


Lincoln City is called the "Kite Capital of the World." The Lincoln City Beach offers a kite flying experience like no other. An absolute must do while in town. Don't worry if you didn't bring a kite, Lincoln City has more than one kite shop.


If you missed out on FINDERS KEEPERS or just couldn't find a glass float on the beach, don't worry. Lincoln City has several locations that will teach you how to blow your own glass float.

Some families have made a tradition of visiting one of these location each time they come to Lincoln City. It is a great way to spend time with your family and have a keepsake to take home with you.


Few hiking trails in the world offer views like Cascade Head. Beautiful waterfalls, wildlife, and ocean views.


Every year there is a Sandcastle contest on Taft Beach. This year's contest will be held on August 8th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. There are several categories to include kids over 12, kids under 12, pairs, and groups.


The Culinary Center offers cooking classes to fit any level. You can also arrange private classes for you and your family. Learn great ways to prepare fresh foods grown and harvested in the local area.

The Culinary Center also hosts 4 different cook-offs a year. Chowder, fish Tacos, Jambalaya, and Wild Mushroom.


With both an indoor and outdoor market the Lincoln City Farmer's & Crafter's market is open year around. Fresh food, handmade items, great people and a great time.

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